Somerville Lake 8/14 Report

Tandem Assassin

Night Stalker
Jun 28, 2005
Tonto Hanglow
Boat Name
"Two Can Chew"
2nd time fishing Somerville since moving to Bryan, TX in December. Launched at 7:00 am - water temp was 85 as was the air temp.

Little bump on the water - fished for an hour and a half por nada then went to the dam and fished in 4' of water casting crankbaits and rattletraps.

Shad everywhere and we managed to each catch a couple of white bass (released). Half way down the dam as we approached the rock zone I casted my rattletrap one foot from the shore line and began a slow retrieve back. 4th crank I had a hit and wound through it - by the time I said I was bumped the fish ingulfed my bait.
I though I had a striper but after the beast jumped we knew we had a biggin. 2 minutes latter my son grabs the fish with a great lip grab and brought the fish into the skiff. Maybe a PB not sure - weight 7.2 lbs.

We released her and didn't tell a sole - I will be back next week....

Taking a week off in Sept to fish the jetty's in Corpus Christy and will update then. "Tight Lines My Friends"...




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