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Feb 6, 2018
Any LR boat
Hello BD fellows,

I have recently purchased a series of cow rods and reels from the BD fellows for upcoming fall/winter, hopefully cow, SDLR trips. I like to thank all those who have sold me nice reels and rods!

Consequently, I am out of my fishing budget and decided to let go some of the rods and reels I have little plan of using. Most of them were purchased in 2018 new (otherwise indicated) and some of them have been on one SDLR trip (or two/none). I think I priced to sell quickly but if not, please give me your offers (if you are interested). They are all in fine working order, have been cleaned and serviced after the trip, but may have some light surface scratches due to rubbing one another or from mounting on rods, etc. I will send you whatever pictures you like to see (after work or later). Please PM or text me at (608) 469-7705. Each will be shipped USPS priority mail from midwest. Shipping for reels is $10 and rods $20. Payment via Paypal F&F. Please text or PM. (Lines will be removed from the reels as the new owners may like to put fresh ones anyway).

1. Accurate Bx-600N, 4:1 ratio. Been lined, mounted, and on a trip but was not fished. Sold.
2. Avet JX6.0 Blue. This was purchased as a used reel, has some surface scratches, and has a slightly bent reel seat - sits fine in a reel seat but wanted to mention it. $150 ($249 new).
3. Avet LX6/3 Raptor Gold. I fished this one on one trip and caught nice wahoo on it. Pretty clean. Sold.
4. Okuma Metaloid 5NII. I fished this one once. Pretty clean. Sold.
5. Okuma Metaloid 12NII. Lined, mounted, and took to a trip but not fished. Pretty clean. Sold.
6. Penn Fathom 15LD2. Fished one trip and hooked up with a big BFT but it got away. Clean. Sold.
7. Penn Fathom 25NLD2. Fished on 2 trips and caught YFT, YT, wahoo. Sold.
8. Penn Fathom 25NLD2. Fished as above. No longer available. Decided to keep it.
9. Penn Fathom 30LD2. Fished on 1 trip and caught some YFT and YT. Sold.
10. Phenix Redeye, 7', 30-80#, 3 piece rod. Took it on a trip, mounted a reel, but did not get a chance to fish it. I ended up using Okuma Nomad rods instead. Now, use all 1-piece rods only for SDLR trips. This one is very light and should be a versatile rod for traveling fishers. Comes with a nice hard case for traveling. Sold.
11. Penn Regment II Roller rod, 6'6", 50#, 2-piece. Got it from Maguro Pro Shop in Europe. Mounted reels at home, but has not been taken fishing and remains unused. Comes with a nice case for traveling. $70 ($99 or so new from Europe + shippment).
12. Penn Regment II heavy jig rod, 180 cm, 100#, 2-piece. Got it from Europe (cannot remember which shop). Mounted reels at home, but has not been taken fishing and remains unused. Comes with a nice case for traveling. $80 ($135 or so new from Europe + shipment).

Thanks for looking.

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