Solo buck down.


Dec 5, 2015
Lake Stevens/Ocean Shores
22' Defiance "Interdictor"
Had the multi-season tag this year. Hunted the muzzle season for three days with my buddy in his truck camper. Saw many nice bucks! But I could not seal the deal. Pulled the trigger on a really nice 3x4, three times. First was a clean miss, second my gun fucked up, and it was like shooting a bottle rocket at him. I could see my burning pellets flying thru the air. Third, another miss!.

Determined to get a buck, I got off work and headed over for the modern opener. I loaded up my truck with a heater, a sleeping bag, and some bare bones food. Drove over the pass and glassed a piece of property I had permission to hunt. I had never seen this particular piece before, but it looked good. Parked the truck just off the road and tried to sleep. So So cold. 25 degrees. Did not want to get CO2 poisoning so left the canapy windows open. Heater ran out of fuel about 1am. To cold to refuel. Just dozed until 6am. Got up, got geared up and walked away from my truck at 0640, legal shooting hours.

Walked no more that 100 yards, see three deer, and one is a tall buck. Put the glasses on him. Still pretty dark, cant tell if he is a shooter. They stand there and so do I! 25 mins go by, and I still cant tell! Finally turns his head just the right way, 2x2..damn! Look at the other two does, and one has turned into a small buck. Another 2x2....but I can see some does crossing the field about 1/2 mile away. Work my way up the hill and get to the far, far corner of the property. Looked really good. Sit down and start glassing. I can see at least 75 deer across the road, and some hunters are pushing them around. Way to far to be concerned with, think to myself I should concentrate on my area.

I look over to my left and see two deer come out of the sage, and are walking my direction. I say a little prayer, and glass them over. Same little 2x2 I saw earlier, glass the other, and can see three for sure on one side. Good enough for me! I made a 20 yard move and they walk over a little hill at 125 yards and start browsing. I put my gun on my shooting sticks and glass the deer with my scope, yep legal for sure! Pull the trigger on my old 30-06 and see the deer kick and run over the hill out of sight. The other small buck just stands there for 5 mins. Meanwhile I see a deer to my left down a ravine. O shit is that my buck! Glass him over and it's only a doe. Finally smaller buck walks off and I go to where I shot the deer....blood, good blood, like from his lungs! Crest the small hill and look into the wheat, and see nothing. Damn! I should of looked closer as he was only five ft from me dead!

Look him over and I'm happy, nice big bodied 3x3. Gut him out and walk back to the truck. Dump all my gear and get my straps! Walk back up the hill and get to work. Took three hours to drag him one mile. Got him to the truck, and some guys drove by. Waved them down and asked if they could help me load him up, which they did. Whoever you were Thank You!. Home and hanging by 645pm. 200lbs with hide and head on, 153 lbs ready for butcher!

Not my biggest buck, but I'm still pretty proud of him since I got him solo. 21 in wide. Butchered him myself on Sunday. In the freezer by 130pm.

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Wild Bill

Not Blackmouthing
Aug 4, 2010
Camano Island
Otter Craft
Well done!
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EJ Swanny

Three Generations of Uff-Dah
Nov 30, 2010
"Riley-J" 2006 21' Proline Tourney
Very nice, been there done that. I would have drug it out as well. You can do a much better job butchering at home then the field. Put another notch in the rifle and memories in the grey matter....great job.
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