Offshore SoCal Bluefin Are Back & Biting!


Jul 7, 2015
One time, on a boat I won’t name, a long time ago when I first started fishing the sportboats, I went offshore in June. The weather was horrible. We hit empty kelp after empty kelp. And when all was said and done, the net output…for the whole boat mind you…was 4 rat-sized kelp paddy yellows.

I vowed never again to go offshore that early again.

Well it’s the middle part of May. I mentioned a couple articles back how I wasn’t mentally ready to go offshore. It’s like there’s that angel on one shoulder saying, “It’s not even June and you want to do what?” And their counterpart on the other shoulder is yelling, “FOMO!”

Well, I won’t be going offshore in May. This week, I’ve got another Graylight charter on Friday. Then from there, I’m headed off to Venice, Louisiana to hopefully cross off a bucket list fish and get a big redfish.

When I get back though, I will be headed offshore here in Southern California...

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