Sixteen Day trip. Do you need a 50W reel?


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Dec 11, 2003
Costa Rica from San Diego
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Yamaha FX SHO
Black ocean Snook have a razor blade on their outer gill plate and are way fatter then Florida black snook.

Lost a good one on a tropical sardine. 1.5 hour soak this morning. Never got fully tight. Frayed 6 inches above the eye of the hook. A good one.

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Russ Scholl

Apr 1, 2018
Russ Scholl
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So - I use it all. Threadlock, Tufline, Prospec.

Many times I take the short ends on the spools in the shop and splice it all together. On my 50W I have Tufline, Threadlock and C16.

100lb hollow spectra - Tufline guides choice has a great diameter and high ABS.
Prospec 100 is flat so you can get more than any other brand on the spool. The ABS is right around 116lbs.

130 - They are all close in diameter. Threadlock was the smallest diameter but an new formulation has it similar in size to the 130 Tufline.

Solid spectra - Berkley X9 in lb tests under 80.

I dont like filling reels with 100lb solid since it usually has a larger diameter than the hollow. If I wanted to use the FG knot instead of a BHP windon (which I dont) I would just tie it in the hollow.
I hope the new to USA shimano solid 100 solves the problem as you suggest John.
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Mar 9, 2011
San Diego, CA, USA
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I have my own dedicated kite reel; it is a Penn 50T two speeded. It has approximately 900 yards of stacked 130/100# spectra
God only knows how much I love my Cal’d 50T! I’m guessing you get alot of the same questions from people on its narrowed appearance! Great reel just heavy like the rest!
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  • Apr 3, 2008
    Mexico, DF, Mexico
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    Like most of the others who have commented, I have a 50W that I have used for the kite (mine is a Makaira II, on an Invictus 76) and it works great for that. I have also used it to fish big baits, and like others have said, it's a great feeling to hook a big tuna on gear that you trust.

    It's really up to you, what you like, and what you want. I think I'd first make sure I was happy with my 100# and my 130# options, then my wahoo gear. If I had the additional bandwidth (funding), I would get a big reel, but that's my own preference.
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