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Feb 28, 2016
Jose Caballero
"Reveille" 17' arima sea chaser
I have to stop making sinkers, and would like to sell the entire business in one fell swoop.

I have many many molds (cost me over $3000, including a dozen collins customs production molds, down riggers, leadheads, custom and customized molds, dive/hunt/miscellaneous, etc), sinker eyes and hooks, all sorts of tools for melting/pouring/trimming (pliers, dykes, ladels, clamps, easy-up, trays, etc), heavy duty double burners, five 5gal propane tanks, safety gear (respirators, gloves, fan), powder painting gear (fluid bed, pounds of powder paints, pump, toaster), shipping supplies (padded envelopes, boxes, tons of burly tape, shipping stickers, label printer) and tons more. i will pass on my lead and eye source, and i also have a client list of wholesale customers who are eager to continue business, and a set of listing on eBay that generate many orders weekly. i'd like to sell this whole thing together, for $3000. i can also include 500+lbs of lead, at $1/lb. it's conservatively safe to say you could earn that back in a few months.

listing #1 shows you most of what i make (a few molds are gone, but none of the critical ones), and the following pages might suggest the seasonal rhythm of orders:

i have all my business records to help you consider, but i'd rather not blast that over the web. hustling material can be tough until you find good sellers, the rhythm of orders can tie up a lot of capital sometimes, and the work is often dirty and sometimes dangerous. it's not easy money, but i met tons of great people and in a few years was able to pay for and outfit my boat. this would be PERFECT for someone with intermittent free time, especially a young person with some time on their hands, or a team of likeminded buddies.

looking forward to serious discussion. PMs please.


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    Best to you Jose and hope the buyer follows your business's customer service model. It's always been a pleasure dealing with you. The only one glad to see you hang it up will be your mailman!
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