Singing the praises of the tiny MXJ Raptor


Barking Spider
  • Jul 18, 2006
    Tehachapi, CA
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    Vagabond & Royal Star
    I just returned from an 8 day trip on the Royal Star. The fishing was just below par compared to the decades we have been on this trip. We have been spoiled over the years. No dig to the boat, skipper or whatever. I was reminded that I was fishing and not guaranteed catching.

    That said, I did manage to tag ten yellowtail, donate 7 to other fishermen/galley and handoff a few more. All were caught on MXJ Raptors using 30 pound test or 40 pound test fluoro. Thirty was the ticket. Both reels were on Phenix HAX780H rods and the combo is magic. I’m still smiling. The fish were 15-30# and none were beyond easy slaying. The final blessing came when owner/operator Brian Sims borrowed my 30# rig to catch his own tail. That was quite a compliment to me and my tackle. He was all smiles as he easily brought in a hefty one.

    Try the combo and expect real fun. In a past trip this combo easily brought in a couple of very frisky 55# Guadalupe yellowfin.

    My JX 6/3 was lonely on this trip…My JX Raptor was also unused. Oh well
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    Jig Chucker
  • Nov 16, 2010
    La Mesa
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    I have caught bft up to 85# on my mxj Raptor. No issues..
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