Simple recipe: pan-fry freshly caught sea bass


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Sep 14, 2014
san diego
Ian Sun
Today I’d like to share with you how to cook a fresh sea bass in simple steps. This is the sea bass we caught in our first night fishing (youtube link)

First let’s remove scales. Next, use the tip of the blade to cut through the skin as shown in the video. Then slowly cut along the backbone, and we’ll get a beautiful slab of fillet. One tip we learned is to keep the skin on the fillet, which helps to keep the fish more juicy and tasty.

For a fresh fish, we only need some basic ingredients. A pinch of salt and white pepper, some cooking oil and a lemon. Optionally you can add some butter and vegetables.

We use the remaining fish bones for soup base. What’s your favorite way to deal with the trimmed bones and meat? Please comment below as we’re looking for more ideas.

After sprinkling a pinch of salt and pepper on the fish, let it sit for a few minutes. In the meantime, we heat up a non-stick pan on medium heat and some cooking oil. The key for fresh fish is to cook the skin side first. We want to wait until ⅔ of the fish is cooked before turning to the other side. In this way, we can keep fillet as tender as possible inside.

A small piece of butter will add more flavor and helps to create crusty surface. We often use a small spoon to bathe the fillet with melted butter. To prevent splatter, we often add some vegetables on the side, as shown in this old video. The natural sweetness from carrots and onions will further enhance the flavor of this dish.

As for cooking time, a rule of thumb is 10 minutes per inch of thickness and ⅔ is spent on the skin side. The fillet is ready once it turns all opaque. Squeeze some fresh lemon on it and you’re all set. It is that simple. If you like this recipe, please give us a like. Happy fishing and cooking :)