Showcasing Florida from Lakes to Deep Drop


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Mar 18, 2012
Florida Fisherman
Showcasing Florida from Lakes to Deep Drop
There are hundreds of fresh water fish who call Florida home. If we add salt water the number would be in the thousands. Come along as we take a look at just a few of the many species of fish that are hungry and waiting to be caught in the waters of the Sunshine State.

Proud, very proud!

Our own Florida Bay scallops are the best of the best:

Talk about the best:

Florida Red Grouper will put a smile on anyone's face:

Fun to catch and fantastic as the number one guest on the dinner table, the Gag Grouper, and American Red Snapper:

The Gag Grouper made the Florida fish sandwich famous.

Red Snapper is one of the country's favorite food fish. The American Red Snapper runs big, bright-colored, and absolutely delicious. However, there's more than one Snapper that's red. Enter the Vermilion Snapper.

Both live in the same place; both come in a variety of shades of red.

Red Snapper is famous for its soft, mild flesh. It's one of the most popular premium food fish in North America.

Let's take a close look at how the smaller, wide-eyed, Vermilion Snapper compares with the American Red Snapper:

Both Vermilion and Red Snapper taste quite similar. They have a sweet, mild taste that just melts in your mouth. Often Vermilion Snapper are sold for Red Snapper.

Another great eating fish. The mighty...

The faster-than-fast Wahoo has been clocked at speeds approaching 60 mph.

And now, let's take a close look at Florida Fish few ever see. To fish deep-drop requires a great deal of skill. Enter two of the best, Captain Mark Hubbard, and Captain Bryon Holland:

This is when, where, that big CAT, Florida Fisherman ll, comes into its own:

Enough to excite anyone:

Once we pass the 600+ foot mark the fish are completely different.

I know, I took the pictures; pictures I will never forget.

Here is a seldom seen fish that lives off the Florida coast:

They grow them BIG out here:

And ever so colorful.

Enter the Longtail Bass.

The Longtail Bass lives in waters to over 1,000 feet in the western Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea. Adult sizes range from 7.87 inches to 12.2. The maximum known size is 18 inches.

And finally, the Queen of the all, the Queen Snapper:

Queen Snapper is an extremely deep water fish ranging in waters to over 1,600 feet in the western Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

There are hundreds of fresh water fish who call Florida home. If we add salt water the number would be in the thousands.

Thanks to Woods'nWater Magazine, and Captain Dylan Hubbard, for contributing so much to this report:

Woods'nWater has been bringing to life the Real Florida for 43 years:

Be sure to check out my three page article on hunting with Bear Bride Ranch.

The Hubbard family has been taking people fishing ever since 1928.

Fourth generation owner-operator Captain Dylan Hubbard:



Tampa Bay Times

Woods'nWater Magazine

Hubbard's Marina
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