Short PV Butt / Shoe Cuda


May 24, 2006
Huntington Beach
260 Mackinaw
I had a slow start today, didn’t clear the jetties until after 8am. The wind was light offshore and a long period swell made for a nice ride to PV. I planned to run up to Vicente but by the time I reached Portuguese Bend the offshores were ripping the tops off the chop so I back tracked to Whites. The surface was nicer and the wind made for a 1mph+ drift. I landed a short Halibut on the second drift but the wind kept increasing and made it difficult to stay on the marks for any time.

The water was clear green and I noticed some occasional surface action. I’m not sure if it was Bonito but it would rip the water and the bait would fly so I made a few casts with a megabait por nada.

I decided to run across the Horseshoe and spend some time at the Izors. About halfway, I notice a few large spots of bait and birds so I stopped and soaked some squid and made a few more casts. It wasn’t too long before my line came tight and felt solid. After a short battle, I could see color and it was a decent Barracuda! I got the fish to the boat and as I pondered the landing method the small treble shook loose! The fish hung out for a second then blasted away into the clear blue. The fish was legal but not a log. Fifty or so casts later, I continued on to the Izors.

The conditions at the Izors were outstanding, except for the fishing, unless you count double limits of Blacksmith. They were so thick I landed a double on my trap rig! I moved off the reef and pounded some sand for a single Ronkie. I metered lots of fish and did lots of fishing but came up short on the catching! At least I got to pull on a slime stick! Next Time!

Tight lines,