Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

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Way to go Scott! Phenomenal fish, and great writeup. If you have time, swing by the shop on the 13th before we head south. Would love to hear more, and maybe get some tips! Again, epic fish my friend...
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  • Mar 3, 2018
    Eric Ancog
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    I wanted to give a report for those that are about to fish or those that can’t go because of health reasons. Thanks to all BDers for all the knowledge passed along from their trips. It’s long winded but I like reading fish stories, and telling them too. Forgive my grammar and spelling please. I’m writing this as the boat moves up the line. I wish you all great luck. Enjoy.

    Great service from the word go. Check in etc. Got sardines loaded nice bait. Ready for fishing.

    The let’s talk hook up passengers were all a pleasure to fish with. Ron filled in for Rick. Ron was a great charter master. He is also a great fisherman. A bunch of Bloody Deckers were on the boat. Many of whom I’ve learned a lot from, much respect. Thank you to all passengers it was great to fish with you.

    Food was outstanding!! Dustin and Daniel in the galley great team. Best food I’ve had on a boat.

    The deck crew are absolutely spectacular Captain Rene, Bobby, Dave, Conner, and Kazi.

    Fishy boat-Great Captain. They make great fishing decisions to get you on fish. These guys blew me away on how well they cared for all of us. Boat was super clean bathrooms were always clean too.

    Made some bait first night near San Clemente

    Fished Tanner Cortez zone with a bunch of other boats. Got on a school of schoolie bft 20-40

    Got red hot for a bit.

    Fly line shoulder hooked Sardine. I used 30 lb gold label flouro and 50 lb prospec on a tac 10 paired to a calstar 800ml. 2/0 gama nautilus h/d, Owner size 2 worked too.

    Kept 2 bft lost 1 hooked and handed another 3. Rene told me I Didn’t want to max out on smaller grade early. Super Fun though.

    Went on the hunt for bigger models didn’t take long. Captain told us nothing under 50lb

    Used tac 12 800xh 65 prospec to 50 saiko flouro. Got bit on a nicer model fought for 30 minutes but teeth chaffed through. Oh well, foul hooked or something.

    Finally got into some kite fish. Rotation started seeing some 150lb fish coming over rail. That night was time to flatfall.

    Caught a 70-80lb bft on a Daiwa sk jig silver glow ,great fight. Got another fought for 30 minutes hook pulled. I Saw my line had boat rub on it at 300 ft Dave cut out that section and tied a uni to uni( this will be critical later.)Off to bed. Next day tons of big fish all around us. Many kite fish 150-340. The crew killed it they really know how to fish the kite. Bait fishing was tough. Lots of rail time STAY AT THE RAIL!

    Long day lots of fish of lifetimes for my fellow passengers. Everyone was cheering each other on. They all tried to stay clear of hooked fish. Great respect and camaraderie.

    Sun went down and it’s flatfall time. Some nice fish caught. Most of the gang went to bed, most having a big fish under their belt. It was 3 of us and crew flatfalling. Rail time is key. Rene kept telling us depth. 240-320. Tried to keep the jig in that zone. Lots of scope from wind drift, getting sloppy but very fishable with the wide platform of the Shogun.

    Got bit on the grind right at 300 ft

    (Sam at island tackle had marked every 100 ft of spectre for me). That knot that Dave tied the previous night was outside my reel when I got bit. The head shakes were painful felt like someone trying to jerk the rod out of my hands. Worked my ass off to get the knot back on the reel. Fish took it off 2 more times before I got it back on for good. This fish beat my butt in. What an amazing animal. An absolute epic battle. Deck hand Dave was with me the whole time.

    Bobby, kazi and Rene helped me in the corners keeping the line off the boat. Back and forth across the stern. This crew was absolutely amazing. There is no room for error on these big fish they were preventing me from blowing it. I was hoping the fish would be over 100lbs. After about 20 minutes Dave says. “Scott I think this might be a COW!!!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was trying to focus on maximizing constant pressure. Keeping the rod bent and working leverage. I finally get it to deep color with drag all the way forward and palming the spool. I needed more drag just to lift this beast. I didn’t set it heavy enough. Three crew members try to gaff it as the fish explodes/ slams into the boat throwing water everywhere. Fish takes a long violent run. I’m pinned in the port corner. It makes another 10-15 circles. Every time they have to use the y to keep it off the boat. By this time I’m dying. With the crew yelling at me to lift and keep lifting I lean back with everything I got. 4 gaffs sink home in an explosion of water and yells from everyone, we got it! I hadn’t seen it yet because the boat lights were right in my eyes. I look around the deckhands and see them opening the gate for my fish! I can’t believe it. They were bringing some huge kite fish over the rail earlier. They get it on board everyone yelling SUPER COW!!! I’m humbled and in a state of shock I think I just caught a super cow on a flatfall! Everyone was screaming and high fiving I layed down next to the fish on a bloody deck. It dwarfs me I’m 6’2 200. They tape it out carefully and say “Scott it’s 313”. I am over the moon. Truly a fish of a lifetime. The battle was epic and violent. I just can’t believe it still. It took forever to fall asleep after I finally go to bed.

    Everyone on this trip is so nice rooting for each other and helping each other out. No “that guy”. Lots of fun and laughs.

    Gear for my bft.

    (Sam at Island tackle set this rig up. From rod and reel to flatfall rigging. )

    Talica 20 Cal blue print added a lower gear and a dawg with a tiburon handle.

    100 prospec to a 10 turn San Diego knot 200 lb leader jobu and assist hook nomad buffalo 320 red and glow. I charged it every time I could with a blue light.

    Calstar 775 h factory with rail foregrip extended and shrink wrapped.

    Since weather was coming up we headed south for yellowtail.

    Water had cooled so Renee kept running south to get us on fish. Great fishing decision, and he made it happen. Pretty much close to wide open on yt for about 4-5 hours. Yo yo, bait, and surface iron. So much fun everyone had a blast.

    Grade 10-20 lb maybe a few larger.

    Used multiple rigs for yo yo. Loved getting them on the long rod. Also got a ton of calicos(released). Everything seemed to work.

    Salas 6x and 6x jr. Tady 4/0.

    Surface iron jri dw1, tady 45, Salas 7x. We had a great rotation on the bow throwing surface iron. Schools of yt chasing our jigs.

    Last day not much fishing. We had run down south to get that better grade yellowtail. Headed to port.

    Takeaways if you’re going out soon.

    Bring it all 30-100

    Nomad 320 red glow. Have it rigged with 200 charge the glow whenever you can.

    Gamakatsu nautilus hd 2/0

    Stay at the rail

    Listen to the crew

    Thank you to Let’s talk hookup and Shogun Sportfishing

    Good luck to all

    Stay safe


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    Such a cool report to read!! Thank you.....and congrats on the Trophy fish! Hoping I have a similar trip on my 9 day on the red rooster 3.
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    if it flies, floats or... you got it
    Great report! Thanks and congratulations...super cow! You have bragging rights for sure. Leaving Monday on a 10 day, hope I'm as lucky as you were.
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    I hope you took a little break from the rail after battling that beast.

    F that! When they are biting get a line back out ASAP. You can rest after the trip. Learned that on my last LR trip.
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    Thanks for the superb write up! Got to love the BD SDLR anglers. Best there are!!! Knowledgeable, generous & informative. (Some talented writers TOO.)
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    Great fish. Great story. I was on the edge of my seat.

    I’ll be on the Gun on the 8th. Stoked.
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