shogun dec 26 5day


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Nov 10, 2006
greg braun
late report
left dec 26 with low expectations due to light coverage of the tuna grounds
i figured we would try to scratch a few small BFT for a day then spend a couple day looking for yellowtail and a couple days fishing lings and rockcod
day 1 was travel in lumpy conditions due to our angle of travel. cloudy and breezy
day 2 most people started with 30-40 lb test for Bluefin which led to a lot of lost fish
cloudy and breezy with 10-12 knots of wind stopped in the morning and picked up 6 or 7 BFT 40-70 pounds
around lunchtime stopped on another school and the kite started getting bit and we picked up about 5 fish from 140 to348. ended the day with 12
day 3 dec 28 the BFT decided to bite and they were big fish. most people had gone to heavier line but there were a lot of lost fish
we ended the day with 34 fish and 3/4 were in the 130-200 pound range
day 4 we caught 6-7 fish at first light mostly 50-100lbs then spent 3-4 hours trying to locate another school
mid day we found fish and ended the day with 13 fish
i would say that 3/4 of the fish were 130-200 pounds
losses were over 100% i saw three straightened hooks and three hooks that broke anda split ring that almost straightened out
i have never seen Bluefin this size that wanted to bite like this and probably never will again
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