Shimano TLD Etc. Daiwa Saltist 40H, Penn 750SS


Team Googanator
Jul 7, 2007
NE St. Pete, FL
Eric Fosbender
1983 Whitewater 25 open
Have a few reels up for sale. Anyone interested, PM a # and I'll text pics. These are reels I have been fishing with. In spite of any quirks they are each fully ready to fight a decent fish.

Speedmaster IV: Reel is perfect mechanically. One leg of drag star is broken off, reel is missing the handle lock and has a homemade remedy. No rod clamp. 9.5/10 mechanical, 7/10 cosmetic. $75 shipped.

TLD 20: This is the most worn reel, it is an older TLD 20. Shows its age cosmetically, but perfect drag, feels good cranking, good clicker, and has OK free spool. It hesitates going into free spool, like it wants to stay slightly in gear until the spool moves a bit. Penn rod clamp. 7/10 mechanically, 5/10 cosmetically. $65 shipped.

TLD 25: This reel was bought new about 10 years ago and seen light use. No real issues, missing the handle lock screw. Factory TLD rod clamp. Mechanically 9.5/10 cosmetically 8.5/10. $100 shipped.

Triton Trolling 30 lever drag: Great reel, has some scratches but overall pretty clean and perfect mechanically. This is an early answer to Penn Internationals. Metal frame and plates, double dog anti-reverse. No rod clamp. Mechanically 9.5/10 cosmetically 7.5/10. $150 shipped.

Penn 750SS Spinning Reel: Decent reel, never let me down, feels as good as these reels can feel. Showing some corrosion here and there. Good workhorse. Mechanically 9/10 cosmetically 7/10. $60 shipped.

Daiwa Saltist 40H: Good reel, super smooth, modified free spool lever to address soft plastic factory lever. Mechanically 9.5/10, cosmetically 8/10. $90 shipped.