Shimano Game Type J B605 for tuna...


Jan 6, 2017
Curtis Schriever
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Hey fellas,

I'm heading to SD for a 3 day aboard the Excaliber on October 9th and am planning on which gear I'm going to bring. I can't seem to find any information where people have used these Game Type J rods for tuna. The B605 is 6' and handles jigs to 300 grams. I've caught 85lb halibut on it and whipped them with ease. I was going to pair it with my Talica 12ii loaded with 80lb Maxcuatro. The rod is parabolic but has a crazy amount of backbone. Do you all think it would be suitable for a trip like that? There are times when live bait just isn't working and a reaction bite from a FF jig will be in order. Thanks for the advice in advance.


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Jan 10, 2010
Junction City OR
Rod Lathrop
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I use my Game Type J S624 for Albacore in Oregon, love it, my "Captain's Rod" jig stick for Albies. I am bringing my 624 paired with a Van Staal VR 200 loaded with 50# braid on my upcoming 10-Day on Intrepid October 2 - 12, mostly for Amy to use, should be a fun stick for 40# and under Tuna, Dorado, etc. Your 605 is 1 line class/jig weight class stronger. Paired with your Tac 12ii should be a good high speed jig stick for medium sized Tuna. If you hook anything significantly larger I think you may have difficulty in the "death spiral" stage due to the short length and parabolic nature of this stick. Good luck! I'll look forward to your report.
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