For Sale Shimano Clarus 8'6" ML Spinning Rod and Quantum Catalyst CI30PTS Saltwater Coffee Grinder


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May 3, 2016
Diamond Bar, CA
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Hello BD'ers,

I am selling a setup I originally bought for the surf and have used a few times there, but not enough to keep it.

The Clarus is the IM7 version of the rod, and I believe is one that had a lifetime warranty before that dried up with Shimano. It is actually a salmon and steelhead rod, but is a nice light tackle option for the surf and light tackle inshore work.

Model: CSS-86ML-2A
Length: 8'6"
Action: Med. Fast
Weight: Medium Light 6-12 lb.
Lure Wt.: 1/4 - 3/4 oz.

This rod was used a few times, and I honestly can't see much wear on it, if any. Probably about a 9/10. Cork is in very good shape. New this was $110 or something like that.

Asking $80.

The Quantum Catalyst Inshore Saltwater reel is model CI30PTS and is rated for 170 yds of 8lb and has the following features:

* Quantum's Saltguard Corrosion Protection
* Magnum Ceramic Drag
* TMag Bail
* 8 bearings
* 160 yds 8 lb.
* 5.17:1 gear ratio
* Extra spool

This reel has been used a few times, and I just did a service on it and it is functioning fine. I would say the cosmetics are good, with a little bit of the finish rubbed off near the arm lever assembly and the line roller. Overall probably an 8.5+/10.

This is a pretty sweet little inshore saltwater reel, and would be great for some popper fishing on light tackle, or in the surf as I used it.

New this was around $135.

Asking $80

Attached are some pics of both, and I included a couple of the quantum internals for those interested. Located in East Los Angeles County.







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