Shelter Island Launch ramp update, Jan 2018


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Got this today from the Port in regards to the Shelter Island launch ramp.

With all this fresh info below, we (San Diego Anglers) have decided to cancel the Bay Bass tournament for 2018. We waited as long as we could to make this decision, hoping they were going to get back on track and have it ready by March 31. The reopening pushes the date too far into the fishing season and we can not compete with the general public for parking (and we need all of it for the tourney). See you all next year!

From the Port:
Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility Improvement Project

Ramp status: Closed during construction. Anticipated reopening: Summer 2018.

January 2018 Project Update:

The Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility Improvement Project is currently 50 percent complete and is behind schedule, although efforts are being made to minimized delays in reopening. Here is a list of what has been achieved:

  • The previous launch ramp facility has been completely demolished. A temporary cofferdam has been installed and preparations are being made for installation of the new concrete launch ramp.
  • The breakwater wall panels were fabricated off-site and are now completed. New piles that will support the wall panels will begin installation in February 2018.
During the excavation of the previous jetties, underground debris such as concrete and other pre-existing construction debris was discovered. This was an unforeseen element and removing the debris has unfortunately led to delays in the construction schedule.

The Port of San Diego is working closely with the contractor to minimize any further delays. The boat launch ramp is now anticipated to reopen to the public in the summer of 2018. An updated schedule will be available in February 2018.

The launch ramp is closed during construction.

Thank you for your patience during this very important public improvement project

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Alternate Launch Facilities:
Due to safety concerns and to allow the construction to occur, the facility will be closed to the public during most of the construction. One lane will remain open during the summer months. Expect delays if launching from the SIBL during the summer months, or utilize one of the many alternate launch facilities below: (Please note: The Glorietta Bay Public Boat Launch Ramp, will be undergoing reconstruction and will not be available for use beginning April 2017 through early summer 2017.)


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That damn crane must move in inches per day. I eat lunch at the shelter parking lot a few times a week anywhere from 1030am to 130pm. Rarely see anyone there moving with a purpose. "Just look busy if we stretch it out long enough we can get a supplement to the contract for more $$$"

The port must go easy on their own. God save you if you are a corporation with a footprint inside their area. Shitty example: The port fully expects you to have all of their required compliance training done on Jan 1st of the year for that year... If it was done December 31st it was for last year... out of compliance lol. Tyranny.
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