Shelter Cove 6/18 Salmon/rockfish


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Dec 14, 2006
shelter cove
2008 Trophy 2152, Seafoam
Left the ramp at ten o'clock, dead low tide. I always like to fish the incoming if I can time it that way. Dana and I headed right for the chin of the old man. The salmon fishing here as of late has been dismal at best when we could get out. But it is time for fish to be in that area, they are every year so we said skip the whistle and go straight south.

We arrived at the area in about 25 min. it was still a little bumpy, turned on auto and set our gear about a mile from the five other boats that were down there. We fished about ten minutes and my rod has a drive by. Dana always uses a green croc. and again today he had a big screamer that soon came to the net, it was a tyee... my side is still a waiting game when he gets another almost as big. His first fish was longer than the in floor fish box on my trophy. Two fish FILLED a fish box that I have fit five albacore in for a slush bath to give you an idea of how big the grade was. I was not to be out fished I found the magic apex on the third try and all the rest of the bites came on my side. I thought it was nice of the ocean to split the fish up that way. Pretty fair if you ask me. My two fish were not as big as his but small they were not both were over 20 one pushing 25. The Bite me was in the area and had limits for their customers. Our fish came at 57 on the wire all of them. The bite did not really get going for everybody, some day's your the windshield some days your the bug. I have been the bug before. It picked up as the tidal current started running. We finished with over 90lbs of Gilled and gutted salmon. The bounty of Humboldt. Oh yea we stopped over by the green one and threw 20 nice blacks in the boat in about a 1/2 hour. Sunny without a cloud in the sky shorts and tee shirt weather. Oh what a day.
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