She didn't sink...


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Jun 24, 2014
Brandon Brooks
1978 Fiber Form Custom
Instead, she ran like she was just built yesterday.

As some of you may know from months back, I have been working on a 1978 21' Fiberform walk around/cuddy cabin. I Had to outsource some of the major engine and outdrive work, but was able to finish the rest myself. She ended up being a pretty clean boat, but because of a broken bolt I had to have one of the heads removed which ended up being the best thing to ever happen. Most of the cooling system was shot, and was a ticking time bomb waiting to wreck the engine. The mechanic replaced almost everything including the risers and exhaust manifolds. Both heads were serviced and the compression came back perfect.

The Mechanic and I were finally able to get her started this past Thursday, but I still had a few last minute things left to replace before I felt comfortable getting her wet. She is now purring like a kitten! Other than that, she now has brand new:

rubber and seals on the outdrive
fuel lines, filter, pumps and connectors
Ignition system (old school style, need to upgrade)
fluids and filters
steering system
running lights (need to run new wires still)
bait pump
and the list goes on.

So today I went down to the boat with my girlfriend to finish the fuel lines and install a new trailer jack, which ended up taking a couple of hours less than I had estimated. We dragged her to the washing station, hooked up the hose to the new flash kit, and fired her up rather quickly considering the fuel lines were dry. She was choking a bit when shifting, so i know the carb needs a rebuild, but once we opened her up she took off. We cruised around MB, but I was ancy so we headed out of the bay and hit the open water.

Here are a few shots my girl took
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Nov 7, 2005
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congrats on a running boat now