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Sep 18, 2006
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Here are some microscopic photos of factory created hook points . As you can see the
Trokar hooks are the only ones that can be defined as "Sharp".
Sharp...Definition of: The thumb nail test is excellent . IF you set the hook point on your thumb nail with "no" pressure it should "stick" not slide off. The
Trokars are the only hooks that can pass this test straight out of the box. Yes.... an occasional hook of another mfg. will pass the test but not with the consistency of Trokar.

Purchased this Point Maker about 5 years ago. Pricy,,, but It does the job.

As a more reasonable alternative the Lansky diamond sharpening hone in either the
Orange Med Diamond or the Gold Fine Diamond hone are perfect . The fine hone takes more work but produces a marginally sharper point.

Please avoid the very coarse cheap stones with the groove in them .

And as a final option the Work Sharp belt sharpener not only does a hook but is just the tool for sharpening kitchen knives. Have recently purchased one and can highly reccomend it. I purchased the $80 unit which works great but now wish I
purchased the $130 unit.

I know that to some this hook sharpening is nit picking and to a degree it is. Plenty of trophy fish are caught on standard hook points.
But it reverts back to the idea of optimizing every aspect of fishing.
Is hook sharpening necessary for successful fishing....No
Does hook sharpening help catch fish ....Yes

My .37 cents worth for your consideration.
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LR Houdini

Jun 26, 2020
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I used to be a fanatic about sharpening hooks, but not so as much anymore… I used to use Owners a lot, but they maybe too sharpe … I’ve been using the Mustad circle hooks on tuna lately.
They seen to hook fairly well and not rear out…
I used to sharpen 7691’s using a small tip vise grip plier and an extra fine 6” mill file 👍
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