Sharing the real Florida


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Mar 18, 2012
Florida Fisherman
Sharing the real Florida

Just received my February edition on Woods'nWater Magazine. The pictures & stories depict the real Florida better than any other publication. That's why, 42 years later, Woods'nWater is still going strong.

Let's take a look at the February edition.
Love celebrating my 78'th birthday with fellow sportsmen/women on the pages of W'nW Magazine and on this Forum:

When I saw this father/daughter picture...

(check out insert)

It reminded me of my daughter, Dee, & granddaughter, Danielle.

Would love to meet this Lady. She does things the exact same way I do:

And then there is fishing.
Mr. Joel Devolentine was, decades ago, the director of a residential juvenile home, State of Florida, who hired me. I then worked for the state for decades:

Joel and I were both members of Buck & Boar Hunting Club.
Buck & Boar, decades later, is still going strong & advertising in W'nW Magazine.
My Buck & Boar camp:

How about this brute? Talk about a dream hunt:

Sharing the real Florida
For the record... I am in absolutely no way affiliated with Woods'nWater. I love sharing our Florida. W'W depicts the real Florida.
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