SF bay 5/25


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Sep 6, 2019
San Francisco
13' Boston Whaler
We arrived at the launch ramp at 4:30am, only to find a security guard telling us they open at 6. After some pleading he told us to come back at 5:30. We came back at 5:17 he was gone, so we launched. I'm still glad we came early because there was about 15 boats lined up we pulled away from the dock.

We picked up a half scoop of chovies from J&P and hit the east and northeast side of angel island, but the current was gnarly so it was impossible to get a good drift. We headed over to Southampton Shoal and drifted for a couple hours at depths between 15ft - 25ft deep. We had a couple baits come up with the backs eaten off, but no hookups. I usually use a stinger treble on the back, but for some reason decided to go with a single hook today. After a few chewed off baits we switched it up.

The wind really started picking up and we started making our escape plan, but just as we were about to head for shelter, the wind died and we heard a report on the radio that there was zero current at Angel Island, so we headed back there and got a few rockfish just to beat the skunk.

With the sunk off our backs, we decided to go back to drifting for halibut and found another random spot on the charts at 30-40ft deep, since we had not yet tried this depth. I hooked up and landed a 24in butt on the first drift. We went back through a couple more times and picked up and released a 21in butt. By that time the wind was picking up again so we started heading back.

Seemed like a pretty slow day overall from what we saw and heard from the many other boats out there. I can't complain though... I made it out and got some halibut on the plate. I've been dreaming about this day for months. It felt great to get out there for my first day of the 2020 live bait season.
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