Setups and rigging for 1.5- 2.5 day trips now through Fall

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by AdamHJeep, Jun 24, 2019.

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    I travel from the east coast so I try and have multi use setups... my plan right now is to bring 4...

    1) Andros 5n for 20-25lb live bait (350yds 40lb solid braid to short flouro Blackwater)

    2) Makaira 10 for 30-50lb (400yds 60lb hollow to loop to 25ft wind on leaders)

    3) Tesoro 12 for jig casting (spooled with 65lb solid to 60lb shock leader)

    4)Penn Fathom 40nld2 spooled with 80lb hollow for flatfall or can convert to 60lb live bait if needed.

    (5th option could be adding a dedicated Flatfall rig this fall.... looking at an Accurate BV-800 spooled with 100lb. They have a combo at Charkbait that Mark recommended but its $1000)

    What is the opinion here on 25ft wind on flouro leader topshots? I have a Makaira 10 spooled with 60lb hollow to a loop. I plan to switch between 30, 40, and 50lb topshots as or if needed (will prob be starting at 40lb). Looking at a 1.5 day in July right now and a 2.5 in the early fall

    Opinions? Lay it on me. ThX
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    I started using all flouro top shots when I switched over to hollow a few years back. Now I run primarily mono tops (50 ft) and tie a flouro tip.
    I think the mono sinks better, and it provides better shock absorption.

    just my opinion.
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    First off, on line under 50 pounds, I do not do a loop to loop but direct tie to my braid. If you are using a short top shot of fluro, then the Collins knot

    Anything over 60 pounds, I use a loop to loop. It's just faster to tie a knot then put a new loop on, in my opinion.

    Your Mak. 10 is probably more of a 40 to 60 pound reel. 30 is overkill.

    Your Penn Fathom is a good 80 pound reel.

    Now the Valiant 800. I have fished the smaller Valiant and it is an nice reel. However if I was going to get a new 100 pound plus reel, I would strongly consider something a bit more beefy. Designed for the bigger fish. Like a Mak 20 or 30, or Accurate ATD 30 or Penn VISX 30. or Avet Pro 30. You can look for used ones on BD or Ebay, and if they have been used, just get them services. I know I have read about big fish on the Valiant and the Avet HX raptor, but personally if I am spending that kind of money then I want something beefier.

    1.5 day in July. If you can go early in July and want to ride a true long range boat, with a shared stateroom, great crew, food, etc. The Red Rooster open up a 5, 1.5 day trips. It's a limited load of 30 on a 105 foot boat. There was a discussion about price a few weeks back and it's competitive.

    I'd call the office since I know the weekend trip 4C is sold out and hear the 4B is sold out as well.

    Other boats I would suggest are the Vagabond, Searcher, American Angler or Shogun. They all have some shorter trips on the book. If you find a date that works, call the boat office, since sometimes thing open up even if it's listed as sold out. Oh and money talks so send at least a deposit in ASAP.

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