September 28, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The fishing has not been a flawless example of consistency, but some fish have definitely been finding the hooks. Using natural bait around FADs has been a successful tactic as of late and trolling has continued to produce some fish. Recently, the catch has consisted mostly of mahis but a couple of marlin have been caught as well. Some of Start Me Up’s recent anglers have fished the bottom with reasonable success, catching uku, nabeta, and papio in addition to inedible species. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free call Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or email [email protected]. The following report contains some of Start Me Up’s recent anglers and their catch.

As Pat and Andrew Shade, John Chunchick, and Zac Kolbeck found out, the mahi bite can be fast and furious at the buoys. Pat, Andrew, John, and Zac targeted multiple FADs and returned to Lahaina Harbor with eight mahis as a result of their efforts.

There was definitely potential for some action as Brian Carey trolled along the edge of a current line holding a variety of floating debris. After following the current line for a little while, the short rigger lure took off and Brian caught this mahi.

John and Monique Christianson, Sidney Reed, Derrick Gillioz, and Dave Vizzini went out on Start Me Up’s early departure trip and caught a stringer of mahis. The keys to success for the anglers were good preparation and a good mindset.

Mike Zapata, Brad Hitchcock, John Garcia, and George Boyton came to Maui for a wedding. Once they took care of that business, the friends found some time for fishing and ended up catching some mahis. There was plenty of mahi for fresh fish tacos.

According to Tanya Williams and Ron Baysinger, this mahi was chasing this tuna before both fish became distracted by the pattern of lures. The mahi and the tuna each grabbed a lure and found their way onto the ice. The mahi was perfect for consumption and the tuna made excellent bait.

Lisa and Chris Deters were trolling in search of fish when this mahi showed up behind the Jr. Popsicle running in the long rigger position. The fish struck the lure without any hesitation and eventually became part of the fresh catch for the day.

Kevin Ewert and Chris Orwen caught a pair of mahis that included a bull and a cow. Mahis often come in pairs consisting of a bull and a cow. Sometimes both fish bite simultaneously and other times one mahi will be caught and then another mahi will be caught a short time later in the same general area. Mahis can also be solitary or found in larger schools.

This group of mahi was the product of two FADs and a lot of patience. The fish were at the buoys, but were not biting at times due to the presence of some aggressive sharks. Teryn and Kevin Gualtieri, Nic Levesque, Tom Hicks, and Mark Wika waited for the sharks to settle and eventually put some fish on the boat.

Gary Mooris got the action started by landing the bull mahi and then Ron and Tami Newquist, Ed and Angie Gonnering, and Brian Ortiz followed up Gary’s catch with some more mahis. The trip was an overall success enjoyed by all of the anglers present.

Ed Mostek and Ryan Parnell effectively utilized a couple of different tactics in order to return to Lahaina Harbor with a pair of mahis. One of the mahis bit a trolled lure and the other mahi ate a natural bait.

Claire Wilkinson and Vincent Young took advantage of some especially calm winds to venture out to the shoals of Kahoolawe. Claire and Vincent found a current line at the shoals and were each able to pick up a mahi in that current line.

Andrea Bestal also fished around the shoals of Kahoolawe and ended up getting a big bite. Andrea hooked a blue marlin and fought the fish to the side of the boat. Andrea’s blue marlin was estimated to be a little less than 200 lbs. and was tagged and released to fight another day.

James Somers had to put in a lot of effort to catch his mahi. However, James did not mind the hard work. As a new Maui resident, James plans to fish as often as possible.

Kyle Rich was dragging a live bait around the inside pinnacle known as secret spot when he saw this mahi come in on the bait. The mahi engulfed the live bait and Kyle proceeded to take care of business and land his fish.

Bottom fishing is great option for anglers who prefer steady action over waiting for a big bite. Miles and Elliot Delarosa were all about getting some steady action and that is exactly what they got while catching this pile of nabeta. Nabeta are delicious to eat and there was certainly enough fish to go around.

Bob Jaennette, Brent Wallace, Jason Justesen, and Brandon Olson made the trip to N buoy off the north shore of Molokai with hopes of finding some fish. Unfortunately, the anglers had to contend with sharks around the buoy. Once the sharks had enough to eat, Bob, Brent, Jason, and Brandon were able to use their live bait to catch a mahi and some tunas.

Debbie Jacks decided to spend some time bottom fishing. Debbie’s decision proved to be worthwhile when she caught this nice uku which was just a part of a good catch.

Katherine and Bill Fitzgerald were looking for signs of life when they found a school of aku on the 100 fathom ledge just inside of the LA buoy marks. Katherine and Bill hooked this marlin in the midst of the aku pile and managed to battle the fish to the side of the boat.

These anglers were fishing in a good area that was holding some bait fish and small tunas, including these akus. Although the anglers didn’t get a big bite in the area, they were able to catch the akus on light tackle, which made the fight much more enjoyable.

Mike and Kathleen Ryan along with Silver and Sayeh Bayat planned to do some bottom fishing and caught a variety of fish off the bottom. The anglers also picked up two mahis while trolling back to Lahaina Harbor from their bottom fishing spot.

Todd Brooks had some encouragement from the other guys on the boat while he fought a nice bull mahi, which put up a good fight. However, Todd prevailed in the end.

The Ruse family targeted bottom fish at an inside pinnacle where they came across this uku as well as a number of other fish that were caught and released. The Ruse family also caught a kawakawa while traversing the short distance between their bottom fishing pinnacle and Lahaina Harbor.

This group of mahi caught by Jeanine and Anthony Ferrante along with Pat and Bruce Teigen included three bulls, the biggest of which tipped the scales at 44 lbs. The ladies caught the biggest bulls and did not hesitate to brag to their husbands.

David Moore came across a small piece of floating debris and trolled past. This mahi popped up next the floating debris and raced into the pattern of lures. The result was a solid hookup and then a mahi in the bag for David.

All hands were required on the back deck as this group of anglers went to work catching this pile of mahis. The mahis were hooked at FADs on live opelu and live akule. By the time the chaos ended, the baits had been traded in for a final count of 19 mahis. Most of the mahis were of a pretty decent size and a few were nice bulls.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed towards Deli at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. Until the next report, tight lines.