Sept 18th Guatemala is open for business. Here's what to expect:

Casa Vieja Lodge


Nov 16, 2011
Blue Bayou Lodge, Iztapa, Guatemala
Capt Chris Starrs
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September 18th, 2020 Guatemala is OPEN! Capt Chris arrived on the 19th. Here is what to expect:
I started my travels from Detroit Michigan. The US side of things was fairly relaxed. No enforcement on social distancing but many keep their distance naturally. Mask were worn by all, however bars/restaurants you could take them off once seated. No negative covid test were required to travel for the first flights to Texas (within the US). Both flights were full. Lots of Latin Americans heading home, whether that be Mexicans or Central Americans, hand full of tourist.
Airports in both Detroit & Texas were just about normal. As far as restaurants/bars being open. Even duty frees where open.
My leg into Guatemala was pleasant, United Flight Crew was upbeat, super helpful and clear on the loading and unloading of the plane. I believe there will not be meals on the flights for a little while, pack something to eat! Beverage service was available.
Finally arrival into Guatemala. As we slowly exited the plane, we made it to the currency exchange (for those who have been here before), that's when they start to line you up to both screen your temperatures and check your COVID test results.

COVID TEST: These test were supposed to be 72 hrs from your scheduled flight time. Also these covid test need to be the PCR type test. Now most testing centers send their results out to an outside lab and turn around various. 3 days to 5 days say most testing centers. Which is not within range. Unless you can arrange a DR order. I was able to get into Guatemala with a slightly older test result which the tech didn't seem to notice or mind. There are so many people coming from all over with connections, delays, etc I don't think they can really enforce specific time, or this 72 hr time frame.
We have found if you order a home test, you can turn around results within 24 hours. It will cost you a couple hundred bucks, but you can rest assure results will make it.
Back to my point with the 72 hr test range. They are not enforcing it, which probably means in the near future you might not even have to have one. This is day 2 of the air port being open. As it settles down in the weeks to come I expect the process to be even more relaxed and smoother. Cases in Guatemala are fairly low and their curve continues to drop. Death rate is something like .03%. Almost not worth talking about.

RECAP: No prechecking of test to depart the US, no quarantine in Guatemala, no test required to return to the US from Guatemala. Just a test upon arrival into Guatemala (negative & 72 hrs prior to departing time).

For more information on travel and reservations please contact your Captain below. This experiment is very exciting! The process was NOT difficult or even risky. Everyone played their part and travel from my opinion was SAFE.
It's major progress and now it's safe to reserve dates more than ever as groups line up.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Chris Starrs



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