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Oct 18, 2012
San Diego, CA
Sold The Kayak
Hello BD,

I'm selling my entire collection. Not because I want to, it's because I have to. I need to raise money because my dog has cancer and needs surgery. If any are familiar with vet bills, it's a few thousand dollars for surgery. Anyways, I love my dog more than my hobby. Please understand no lowballs as I'm doing this for my dog. Shoot me a PM if you have any questions or want more pictures. NO TRADES PLEASE. Thanks BD. Happy Bidding.
Local pickup north county San Diego.

Thanks for those that have already donated. I appreciate it Soo much!!! 🙏🙏🙏

I also want to thank those who has purchased a reel or rod from me. It will help fund the cost of the surgery. Thank you!!!

If anyone would like to donate anything there's a link below. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thanks John (Jvo101) for helping me setup this GoFundMe. Thanks BD'ers!!!

1. Daiwa Legalis LT1000D - Brand New - Trout Reel SOLD
2. Shimano Trinidad 20A - included Tiburon clamp - Mint Condition - Bought this year, used a handful of times. 200Yds 65LB Maxcuatro -
3. Release SG Reel - Used - 290YD 50LB Braid - $120 - SOLD
4. Avet SX Raptor 2 speed MC Black - New spool bearings - 200YDS 40LB Braid - - SOLD
5. Avet SX Raptor 2 speed MC Blue - 250YDS 50LB Suffix Braid - SOLD
6. Avet MXJ 2 Speed MC Blue - 215YDS 50LB Braid - SOLD
7. Avet JX Raptor 2 Speed MC Metallic Gray - 385YDS 65LB Braid - $360
8. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast BST61 Left - Mint Condition - Used once to try left handed - 285YDS 50LB Braid - SOLD
9. Daiwa Lexa HD 400H-P - 290YDS 50LB Braid - SOLD
10. Daiwa BG5000 with rod 701H - Brand new - 250YDS 65LB Braid 40LB top shot- - SOLD

1. Seeker American Series - 7ft A270 - 12-30LB -reel seat- SOLD
2. Calstar Graphiter 7ft 700ML 20-40LB - reel seat - SOLD
3. Calstar WCDJ 690J 9ft - 20-40LB - Deckhand with cork - SOLD
4. Calstar WC-870C 7ft- 15-40LB - reel seat- SOLD
5. Calstar 900L - 9ft - 15-30LB - Wrapped by M&M Rods - deckhand - $160
6. United Composites US100 Mega - 10ft 20-40LB - Mint Condition - Custom wrapped with reel seat - SOLD
7. Graphite USA 7'9ft 79XF 12-25LB - - reel seat - SOLD
8. UC Swimbait Finatic 7'11ft RUC 711XH - 25-60LB - with reel seat - SOLD
9. Cousins CJB 75ML - 7'5ft - 25-40LB
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May 8, 2006
So cal
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Is getting a loan not a option? It’s a noble cause and I wish the best for you and your friend. But to replace all the gear later will be even more expensive. No other options! I’m sorry!
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