Selling bear mauler compound bow and ar upper


Jun 2, 2011
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Selling my old bear mauler compound bow. Now I started hunting with. Complete package as pictured; comp, sight, quiver brace and arrows. Draw length is 26.5" and draw weight is 60 pounds. Comes with 6 gold tip arrows ready to shoot with field points and 7 red head ones that need new fletching and tips. Comes with cobra release and tarantula case. $500

Also selling my custom ar15 upper. 18" .223 widely barrel, rifle length tube, 17" mlok foreend, spikes bcg, Lantac brake. $1200 obo.

Possible trades include:
Glock 19/34
Sig 2022
Remington model 8/81

Feel free to shoot me a on with any questions or offers.

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