Seeker GTS80H 30-60 jigging rod for blue fin. Would anyone use this on a full day trip paired with penn fathom 40?


Jun 12, 2021
Chris Mcconnell
I’m going on a full day tuna trip out of seaforth landing and have a seeker GTS80H 30-60, I’ll pair it with a fathom 40 narrow spooled 80 power pro with top shot floro. I was planning on this being for school size tuna but am concerned if I hook into something larger, Will this be enough rod? Has anyone used this rod for blue fin? I’ll also have a 80-120 Calstar rail rod with me.
The GTS80H, looks to be a 40-possibly 50 rod, I'd pair it with something like a penn 25nld or mak 15t, or even a mxl or mxj, Carson really likes the 40 though and he probably has a better idea
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LR Houdini
LR Houdini
OH …it’ll work …. But your going to have your hands full with 100# fish …
I’d invest in another 7’6” rod in the 60-120# range and pair it with your Penn Fathom 40N spooled with 450-500 yards of 80# backing … and use a 60-80# top shot … I’ve put a lot of 100#+ tuna in the boat on 60# … but I’d rather tug on them toothy 100#+ critters on 80-100# test…
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Depends on what you mean by "something larger". I don't have experience with this specific stick, but this rod has a moderate action and was designed for jigging and spinning. I would probably use it with a Fathom 15 xnld2 or something similar, with 25-30# leader. Your 40 nld2 will handle "something larger", possibly even a Cow if you are both lucky and good, if you pair it with a stick with good lift and recoil. Something like an Okuma PCH 741-XXH. Good luck!
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