Seasport, Osprey, or Skagit Orca for San Diego, Rocky Point, and Phoenix???


May 14, 2019
Phoenix AZ
Parker 2320 w/ Yamaha 300, Achilles SGX-132 w/ Yamaha 25
We currently have a Parker 2320 and love it for the ocean, gulf, and lakes by our home in Phoenix. We use it mostly for fishing out of San Diego with two or three people. It's secondary use is slow cocktail cruising with four to eight people around the bay or lakes in Arizona. Third most use would be pulling wakeboard or wake surf boards in South Bay or on lakes (installed a Turboswing). Fourth most use is lobster hooping in San Diego (usually have a sociable gang on the boat for those trips too). Parker works beautifully for all these uses except it doesn't have a separate head compartment which comes into play for cocktail cruising and lobstering (Guess which activities the wife partakes in).

First and foremost we want the boat to fish. My son thinks we would give up the easy to get to bow fishing on the three I mentioned and thinks the cockpit is too small on them as well. Boat stays in the garage and we trailer everywhere so would like to stay under 9'3" or so. Want to stay with a pilot house type boat. If we switch, would like something only a couple years old.

What are your thoughts? Would the others work as well for San Diego fishing? Anything else we should consider?

Thank you!