Inshore Seal rock San Clemente

Aug 11, 2018
Capo Beach
Row boat
Took my lil boat and anchored right next to the outside of seal rock off San Clemente to do some bass fishing. Didn't get 1 hit on plastic lures but caught around 35 calico's on live smelt I netted that morning. No crazy big fish/ just consistent fun and good times. Saw a kayak fisherman with a trasher shark at the ramps 😋👍 good work to the kayakers that fish hard out there. Been getting halibut out there to on hit n miss mornings. When they're There it's been a firing bite around Dana point/ fly lining or with a split shot just to sink em down. That's in the shallows of course. Fly lined a live Mac and got bit instantly leaving me with a hooked tail. 2 more mac's got bit off within minutes of throwing them out there. That's it for now