Offshore Sea Watch full day 7/24


crazy cajun

Bait Hog
Jun 14, 2008
Grady White Lori Ann
I took a trip yesterday (7/24) on the Sea Watch out of SeaForth. First time I have been on the boat fishing a full day. The crew were on it and worked hard all day. The Capitan went long trying to find what little fish were still out there. We finished the day with six BF in the 25 to 30# class. I was lucky enough to put two fish on the boat with a sardine color 130-gram flat fall. I was using a five-foot section of 30# FC connected to 65# power pro. I did see one other BF caught on a glow color flat fall don’t know the size, but it was a smaller version. The other three fish came off the sinker rig I believe. No colt sniper fish were caught. The best part of the trip is the crew left the fish in the RSW tank until we got to the dock. Really thankful for that. I would not hesitate to jump on this boat again in the future.
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