Sculpin fishing with a surprise - DP 1/10/21

Dec 13, 2015
Irvine, California
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Decided to give the lobster a break and do some fishing in the dinghy on Sunday. Headed down to the Box Canyon area in hopes of some sculpin. There was some swell, but a long period so it was pretty manageable. There was a bit of wind which made it a bumpy ride in our inflatable boat, but we made it out to the grounds after about a 45 minute run.

Started in around 180 feet looking for structure but we were only catching sand dabs. Moved to some marks out deeper in the 220-240 range and put a few sculpin in the boat. We just drifted over some of our marks and picked off some sculpin throughout the morning. Lots of small fish, probably released around 15-20 shorts throughout the day. Ended with 7 legal sculpin and a giant sand dab, some right over 10" with the biggest being 14-15". We were using bigger lures to avoid the rockfish which worked for the most part. My brother was using a 180g Shimano Lucanus flat and I fished a 120g Shimano Coltsniper, both tipped with squid strips and fished right over the bottom. We did catch a few honeycombs and some nicer reds that were descended back down, but we definitely caught more sculpin than rockfish. The Sum Fun and a couple private boats were out there too but it was a pretty quiet morning. Left Box around 2:30 and made it back to Dana harbor a little after 3.

On a side note, right as we were pulling up to Box we saw what we thought was a mylar balloon and went to go pick it up. As we got closer we realized it was a black backpack floating around. I figured maybe someone lost it off a boat and that we could possibly return it if there was ID (and if not maybe find some free fishing tackle :D). I pulled it halfway out of the water and opened it up, and floating in the water inside the backpack was a bunch of loose hypodermic needles. Needless to say I zipped it up and dropped it back pretty damn quick lol. I definitely don't want to leave stuff like that floating around the ocean, but I also don't want to be liable for whatever the hell else may have been in there. I filled out a contact form on the Coast Guard's website but not sure if anyone has another recommendation for reporting our findings.

Here's a pic of our biggest sculpin:



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    TASTY LIL' RATTLERS....only tried to shake one off the dykes ONCE
    Flipped over with about 5 spines in the middle finger. YEOOOEEEE
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