Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - July 3, 2015

Fish Scorpion & El Regalo

Mar 3, 2015
Buena Vista, BCS
Matthew Clifton
35' Cabo "El Regalo" and 26' "Scorpion"
Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo Report - July 3, 2015

Conditions have been great on the East Cape recently. Low winds, flat seas have been the norm with only a few days of wind. Most days it has been perfect wind. Just enough to cool you down but not enough to get things a rocking on the boat.

Fishing has been fantastic for billfish in my opinion. The main game is and has been marlin for the last couple of weeks. Boats are scoring multiple releases per day. There are a good amount of smaller blue marlin in the area. Sailfish have also become prevalent in the last two weeks.

On most days, there has been a lot of action for billfish close to shore. In fact, last week we were bottom fishing and hooked a blue marlin in less than 50 ft of water. Eventually, the fish threw the small hook that we were using for snapper fishing but it was quite a site to see the blue greyhounding straight for the beach. I captured it on video and you can check it out here. Excuse the language...we were pretty surprised and excited!!! .

Anglers seeking dorado and tuna have not had much luck with anything of size recently. Dorado are for the most part small chickens that should be released. We were able to get several on the fly for our clients which was great for action. We released all but one as they were small.

Outside East Cape, we are finding schools of porpoise and marking good schools of tuna underneath but we are not able to get them going for the most part. We have had some success with small flies for footballs but, at times, that wasn't even able to get them going. Can't really say why they are being so picky. That could change any day or anytime now. We did hear that there was a good tuna bite outside San Jose. Not having clients on the books we headed there for an overnighter aboard El Regalo. We were able to get 6 quality tuna with a 150 lb and 100 lb tuna. Hopefully, those big biters will be heading for the East Cape soon!

Inshore, there is action for big roosters, snapper and amberjack. Again, not having clients, we took The Scorpion out for a morning. We were able to get 4 snapper, a grande rooster, an amberjack and 4 big jack crevalle. This was all by 10 am. Fly fishing on the beach I spotted what I estimate to be a 45-50 roosterfish close to shore. However, by the time the client was able to get over, the fish had already gone out. Fly fishing for these guys is a matter of right time, right place. When you have your chance you have to be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

So, all in all, the fishing is pretty good if you like action. If you are looking for a specific species, that may or may not happen. If you are looking for action, go with with what is hot right now and you will most likely come away happy.

The moral of this story is that, as much as we love to fish for ourselves, we want YOU to be holding all these amazing catches. We still have dates available this summer for both the Scorpion and El Regalo. The fish are here and Scorpion Sportfishing is ready to get you in on the action. Please visit our website at for more information and like our pages on Facebook (Scorpion Sportfishing and El Regalo Sportfishing) for all the up to date fishing info.

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