Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - Aug. 14, 2015

Fish Scorpion & El Regalo

Mar 3, 2015
Buena Vista, BCS
Matthew Clifton
35' Cabo "El Regalo" and 26' "Scorpion"
Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo East Cape Report - Aug. 14, 2015

Anglers visiting the East Cape have been greeted with calm seas and warm weather. Only a day or two in the past week has the wind kicked up.

Action for billfish remains pretty strong. Sailfish are the now the species being seen the most with striped marlin as a close second. Black marlin have started to show up in the mix with blue marlin still present in the area.

During the East Cape Bisbee's, however, teams encountered slow fishing for blacks and blues. I attribute this to a large swath of green water which moved into the area the day before the tournament murking up several of the East Cape's best marlin areas. No qualifying fish (over 300 lbs) were brought to the scales on the first two days of the tournament. On the final day, the boat Hot Rod won the tournament with a 409 lb blue marlin which was among two qualifying fish brought to the scales on that day. The second place 389 lb black marlin was caught by Randy Wickward who tragically passed away just moments after landing what was then the first place fish. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Randy's family, friends and teammates.

Earlier this week, we caught and trolled several live small tuna and skipjack for black marlin around the banks to the south. We had at least two black marlin come attack and slash our baits only to leave us empty handed. There is a good chance of encountering a black marlin as we enter our fall season.

Action for tuna has started to heat up on the banks to the south. It is a long run to these grounds and success is largely dependent on getting to the bait pangas down there before they run out of bait. Those that did get good bait were able to get into some quality fish with many smaller sized footballs in the mix. As noted above, these smaller tuna not only make great sashimi but also great big marlin bait.

Wahoo again started to make a great showing this past week. Action was mainly focused around El Farito and the banks. Wahoo willingly struck Rapalas, marauders and trolled ballyhoo. As it normal with this great tasting toothy critter, the number of strikes exceeded the number of fish landed but made things quite exciting.

More dorado flags were flying this week with several being landed while chumming for tuna. While most were on the smaller side, it is a good sign that more are starting to show up in the area.

Inshore the action for roosterfish and snapper remained consistent. Soak some baits and see what comes. You never know what you are going to get.

Lastly, I want to say how grateful and proud I am to have such a hardworking team on my side. Captain Arturo and deckhand Jorge did an amazingly thorough job in preparation for the Bisbee's tournament and gave us a great chance to get a winning fish. Although luck was not on our side this year, I am more confident than ever that one day it will be. When lady luck does come, Team Scorpion will be ready!


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