Islands SBI 12/18


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  • May 1, 2012
    Monrovia ca united states
    Glen Mitchell
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    Sea Fox 248 Commander
    Plenty of fish for the 5 of us.
    Planned for a 615/630am departure from yankovich fuel dock but they flaked. Straight no show. Left at 740 and went down to Lb fuel dock. Got a shot and off we went to SBI at about 815am.
    Before 10am we were fishing an outside high spot for plenty of rockfish including a couple very nice reds and a couple exotics, deep released of course. Sharks were a little out of control. Stripping us of some fosh and a few limited 8oz sinkers. Big mako charged the boat once but sunk out. caught and released a small blue on 30lb:)
    Hit the inner rocks for a few more various rockfish. Left around 130pm for a dock arrival of 330pm in Los Alamitos.
    Weather was freaking gorgeous. That run is SO worth it if you have the fuel and time. We left our first spot to leave room for more fish inside should we find another hole. But could have limited on one spot NOT a problem.
    Fresh dead and jigs for bait But the squid was the hot ticket.
    Maybe one more run before the end of the year, maybe 2 :)
    Go get’em!



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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
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    NICE load of Reds! Tasty Tacos!!! I miss years fishing SBI on BG90, other boats. Oh the fun.
    Arriving at 3am, anchoring above Dreamer and others, waiting for the WSB to come thru. LOL
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