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Sep 8, 2013
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Seaguar has recently come out with a Pink Label product, with some of the receipts going into breast cancer research - part of the big breast cancer promotional push. Note, Seaguar offers several different fluorocarbons: Red Label- first generation stuff, cheap and dated. Blue Label -second generation, good product, great abrasion resistance, but thick and stiff. Premier - third generation, thinner diameter, more stretch nicer product. Their new Pink Fluorocarbon is basically their Red Label product (at best its between red label and blue label - 2 generations back in terms of quality), we're seeing a marketing ploy -inferior product targeting YoZuri's FL line and using breast cancer as a marketing gimmick.

While I'm a fan of breasts, I ain't a fan of Seaguar's direction on this one and here's why:

1. If you want to support breast cancer research, donate money yourself and take the tax deduction.

2. Seaguar's pink line is basically Red Label product offered at a higher price! It ain't as good as Blue Label, and it's a far cry from Premier. That's the product background you won't get from most folks, but it's accurate.

3. I'd have felt a bit better if Seaguar put the donation/promotion into testicular and prostate cancer research instead of jumping on the breast cancer bandwagon. OVER Four Times More Funding goes into breast cancer research than prostate and testicular cancer research, the same number of people die from each! But, the funding goes into breast cancer and men ain't getting much help with prostate and testicular cancer research funding. More men fish, and Seaguar could have taken a lead here in putting some money back into research which benefits their primary clientele. Instead they jumped on a marketing bandwagon and then used a dated and inferior product to garner some attention.

This promotional push by Seaguar might have been better directed towards helping guys in their fight against cancer. I'm a bit of cynic on this one...Please understand, I'm a fan of breasts and cancer research, but this one strikes me a gimmick pure and simple. An inferior product is being offered, and if Seaguar really gave a rats ass about cancer research they could have simply cut a check from sales of their other lines. They are using the cancer angle to sell an inferior product and push pink as a marketing move against YoZuri.

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Jun 21, 2006
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Mark.....Well said! Could not agree with you anymore. Maybe a Seaguar Rep reads this here and possibly explains where they were goin with this logic?


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Jul 13, 2008
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39,620 woman were expected to die of breast cancer in 2013 but an estimated 267,000 will die from heart attacks each year... Why are we still doing this breast cancer bs?