Offshore Sat, 7/24 Bluefin Blues SBI,499,Snail,Osborn

Jul 21, 2014
Sailfish 22'
Long day of the bluefin blues.
Left Marina Del Rey at 6:30am (truck battery delay), scoop of sardines from Rick's place then straight to the 172 to look around. Nothing - so to the 499 with maybe 10 boats around and no life. To the Snail, then Osborn, then flew the kite for a while with no signs. Ran around looking, last stop the 172 again, then for home - stopped on 6-8 paddys including one beauty with 6 birds in 70.5 temp area for zero.

Highlight of the day was my buddy's frozen flyer rigging and kite deployment on his gear for the first time on my boat. I learned a lot and it skipped/trolled perfectly from 3 - 4.5 kts.

Good luck if you're fishing Sunday!