Santa Moni Bay and Boo 5-3-19

Discussion in 'Surf Fishing Reports' started by Omarkayak, May 6, 2019.

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    Looked like it was going to be another one of those days. You know, the kind where I go surf fishing and end up skunked. Generally accompanied by breaking rigs off on snags and battling loose kelp. This time I lucked out and got a couple.

    Started out at County Line just before the afternoon low tide. Worked a couple shallow holes for diddly squat and headed toward the east end, where I got a couple weak bites in slightly deeper water with a devilish shore break. Went farther east and found a good hole next to some rocks. Bam, and another free bam and I had two decent BSP. This is the bigger one.

    The tide began coming in quickly so I had to skedaddle back to the main beach to avoid being trapped by the riprap. Worked my way back west for more nothing, then bailed. Drove back into the Bay. Corral sucked (loads of loose kelp), Las Tunas sucked (although I got a couple bites there), and continued east to the next one, which was the ticket. Couple birds outside, I even saw a couple boils way in close so I set up shop there.

    Fed a couple, then a rip-snorter drag puller hit. A bean can you imagine! Not huge, but nice enough. Looked like a small shark croaker breaded in sand cornmeal.

    After that I started wailing on small YFCs, who eventually smartened up and stole all my last baits. Think that's what I saw popping on the surface. It was suddenly dark and other weird folks (besides me) began lurching through the shadows, so I left.

    Good fishin'!
    BDC OK

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    That's just how I walk. I am not offended by your categorizing me as "weird" though, because I am weird.

    Great report!

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