Sandys ledge, taxman standing by

Dec 2, 2010
Honolulu,Hi USA
Billy Lawson
2005 FXHO
Went out to the ledge for a morning second attempt at jet ski fishing. Got out there early before sunrise and it looked pretty dead as I headed out towards Molokai. Eventually saw some birds, which gave me some hope that I might at least get to hear the reel go. Made it to the pile and got the lures in the spot, z z z z all right something on. Fought it close to the ski when all the sudden the line goes slack. Look down in the water and I still see color… Fish head! Uh oh, the taxman is out here.

Set up again with my two rods , Made another pass and got one in the bag. After a few more rubber hook incidents, hooked another one solid when the line goes slack again and I thought it came off. Reel fast and got it near the ski, all right it’s on still. Then I see the dark shadow, uh oh it’s about to get taken. Put it in free spool to try and see if the fish could out run its fate (I don’t think I’ll try that again). After a minute tighten the line again and get it back within visible range, when I see a dark shadow still right there. A couple more cranks and crap... it looks like I’ve hooked the shark. Fought and hand lined it to the ski in an attempt to get my lure back, got it to leader with my hand on the lure when it shakes his head and breaks my pole tip.... Well I was able to cut it and get my lure back but not without paying taxes...kind of a wash.

I was able to set up again on the way back in and pick up another small shibi...all in all a good fun outing