San Quintin Trip Report


May 16, 2006
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4 of us from Indiana flew out to California and drove down to San Quintin. We fished with K & M Sportfishing Aug. 29 & 30, and stayed at Jardines Hotel.

Day 1 – We easily made bait most of which were mini macs; we down sized our hooks to 1/0 given with the bait size. We started the day on the 240 high spot, and the yellowtail were on the chew upon arrival. The bite lasted all throughout the morning, and the yellowtail showed a preference for the surface iron (mint). After catching plenty of yellowtail, we filled out the kill bag with ling cod. It was pretty much a fish for every live mackerel dropped down. We had to deal with the wind and some quick drifts but Christian Catian has excellent boat skills and kept us on top of the fish. We finished out the kill bag with some reds, whitefish and sheepshead.

Day 2 - We returned to the 240 and were greeted to boiling yellowtail/bonita and a pile of bait on the surface around the rock that marks the 240 high spot. It was a wide open bite, and we mostly fished the iron and jigs that morning. After putting a few yellowtail on the boat, I downsized to my Tranx 300 and had fun with huge bonita that fought over my shimano colt sniper. We left the fish biting so we could fill our kill bag with some red vermillion rockfish. We had some deep drops in water approximately 300 feet deep, and the reds showed a preference for the live mackerel as opposed to our frozen squid. There was no room left in the kill bag at the end of the day.

In short, the fishing, accommodations and food were excellent. San Quintin is an awesome fishery. If we lived out in California, we would find ourselves down in San Quintin monthly!

p.s. - I can’t say enough good things about K & M Sportfishing. I’ve been fishing with them for more than 15 years and never had a bad day on the water. Kelly Catian and his sons (Oscar, George and Christian) really have that fishery dialed in, and they are just good people. I have been fishing with Christian in recent years and he is really knowledgeable, an excellent angler and very skilled with the boat.










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