San Nicolas Island on the El Dorado



  • Jul 26, 2006
    North OC
    17' Logic CC
    11/15/20. Been fishing on this boat the last few years and it is one of the very few boats that make it out to San Nicolas Island. Took a break from tuna fishing and wanted to pull on some good eats so we fished the north side of the Island all day for all you want whitefish, toad reds & chuckleheads. No ling for me today but was a great trip overall with a great crew and a group of fisherman.

    Jeff’s a great captain who used to be a little surly a few years back, but now has an ear to ear smile the entire time. Brian, the cook makes awesome burgers/patty melts, great breakfast burritos & sandwiches, and some awesome looking chili cheese dogs that I wasn’t able to try. Bunks are first come first served, so get there early grab some great seafood and a cold one at the Berth 55 fish market and restaurant.

    Mike is the young deckie who is extremely helpful and very respectful. Good kid, and I’m sure we’ll see him for years to come. Greg, the other deckand is more experienced, and is a master at getting your gear out of the rocks/pinnacles. Also extremely helpful, and is the nicest guy you could ever meet.

    Grew up fishing Newport/Long Beach/San Pedro landings but due to time constraints, almost all of my fishing is now done out of San Diego. When I have time for a quick overnight, I ride the Eldorado. Plenty of free parking too.

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