San Marcos Island 5/11 thru 5/16 w/pics


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Sep 6, 2006
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I left to Santa Rosalina Sunday May 10th at 2 am. The drive down was pretty nice and the roads are in good condition. I arrived at Santa Rosalina at 3:30 pm and by 6 pm I was at San Marcos Island at Danny's house. The plan was to go fishing on Wednesday due to Danny having to work 2 shift. He made a few calls for me to go fishing on Monday. I was told I had to go to work on Monday with Rigo from San Bruno help him catch fish for help to sell. I jump on the opportunity to go fishing I meant work. Rigo is a local fisherman that fishes for a living and I have met quit a few time very funny guy. Monday made bait at the hay stack pretty fast and off to the 110 a 1/4 of the way there the fog rolls in fast and pretty heavy too. I was told by Rigo that it had been like that for three days. First few hours it was very slow till the fog diminished a little Rigo does not have a GPS unit on his Panga he use the points of the island and main land to locate his fishing spots. We made the move and start catching fish it was working time . by the end of the day we ended up with 9 yellows 15lbs to 25lbs and 1 giant squid. Tuesday I stayed at the island to relax and enjoy the weather
Irwin Danny's son ask if I want to go snorkeling so I said ok. I was told the water was nice and worm shit it was cooold but I went any ways as we were leaving to go snorkeling Alex and Miguel Mike's son asked if the could go with us. I told them to go get permission from there parents first they took off and came back with all there gear ready to go. I had forgotten how fun it was to be a kid yes the water was cold but after a few minutes of being in the water it was still cold lol. I used the Hawaiian sling for the first time and it was easy to use and caught an octopus which Alex took home for dinner.
Woke up Wednesday so tired and sore and to see that fog was still here. We went fishing any ways made bait at the hay stack pretty fast these were big macks for bait. We hit all the local fishing holes and only caught 3 fish due to the fog you could hear the bird chasing the bait but could not see where they were at. It was pretty frustrating that you could not see. Thursday was just the same as Wednesday fog and 2 fish. Friday we picked Art a friend that Danny and myself helped out last year off the rocks due to his prop falling off his boat. We made bait at the Hay stack super fast a lot of bait there. The fog cleared up for a while and we fish the Lobera its 90 feet of water and as shallow as 50 feet its hard fishing that shallow you have to put the hammer to the fish super fast or you will lose just about 95% of your fish like we did 3 fish made it to the boat nice size ones Art was the hot stick on Friday but could not get the fish to the boat these were big fish snapping us off. The 3 fish land that day where by Danny da man lol. Saturday my last day of fishing made bait and off to get the big one that got away on Friday. We decide to fish the Lobera again this time I had my drag close to buttoned down Art hooks up first and gets tooled very fast second fish hook and land was by Danny's son Irwin a fish that put a hurting to both of them the fish was going 38lbs to 45lbs at least these were not small fish hitting our baits. Finally I hook in to the biggest yellow of my life this yellow put a beat on me like no other fish has fought it for about 15 minutes and pretty happy my avet and 50lb p-line held up. my line was pretty frayed up. Two huge fish and called it a day. I left Saturday at 1pm and was home by 3am in the morning Sunday. Had an awesome week from work and fishing was fun.. Last note please send your prayers father in law he is very sick. Thanks guys



Dec 5, 2003
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Wow! You've got some nice fish there. Thanks for the good report and the pics. Good to see kids into fishing.


Mar 6, 2006
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Hey Felipe the Skunk is finally off....3 day Skunk really sucked. Any way I ended up doing pretty good out there, went fishing with Rigo to the East Buro "I think that what its called" anyway 4 yellows two FAT Cabrilla's at one point we had all four of us hooked up at the same time. Fly line was the way to go.
Thanks for getting me on Danny's boat that was cool. I will post pix soon as i get em.
I will also post the pix of what the other guys cought, one of our friends a "fist timer" pulled out a Monster Yellow.

by the way Tuesday morning the weather took a shit out there Blowing like a banchi. We got in and outa there with perfict timing. our drive back went with problem. Did see a Big rig on it side and pretty Fuk*ed up cow to go with it. " SWINE FLU" ????? NO WHERE TO BE SEEN IN BAJA
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Jun 14, 2007
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Felipe nice fish,give me a call so you can show me how to post I need to get the Loreto trip on the board. Callme today if possible leaving to San fELIPE MANANA IN THE am. BIG ROG OC