San Diego Vacation; Surf Fishing?


Jun 4, 2014
Robalo 20'
East Coast surf rat, gunna be staying in San Diego for the last few weeks in June. Been chasing Monster Stripers around these parts for as long as I can remember. Looking to give the WC a shot while I'm out there. Wondering if there are any San Diego surf anglers who'd be willing to show me the ropes, take me under their wing, and if your ever out on the right coast I'll be sure to do the same. Beers, gas, whatever can help along the way is on me. I can try and bring as much tackle as i can fit in my carry on. Maybe some reels, plugs, waders, something like that. Unfortunately most of my lami sticks are 9-13 feet, one piece:(. To be quite honest, all I know are Weakfish, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and Blackfish; not even sure what species you fellas chase on the WC. Just trying to meetup with some guys who are as passionate about chasing trophy fish as myself. I can pull my own weight in whatever conditions we fish, and I'm sure some of the skills of being an EC sharpie can transfer to the San Diego scene.
-Chunks for Days
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Nov 23, 2011
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Bro if your gonna be in SD at that time you need to book a day and a half offshore trip and pull on some tuna dorado and yellow tail!!!! Surf fishing here is pretty fun, light line and spinning gear 4# to 6# test for surf perch, croaker and corbina and , leopard sharks and guitar fish you can go a little heavier 15# to 20# test and get to actually pull. You definitely have to put in your time to get a grip on surf fishing here... like anywhere I guess.

Get yourself on a tuna trip and you may get your ass kicked on 30# and wish you brought a 40# rig. You also might get to take 40 pounds of fillets home, you can trade em in at the landing for smoked or canned sometimes that`ll keep on your flight home.

If you really wanna get your nut off and pull on a trophy, book an offshore trip at fishermans landing, seaforth sportfishing, H&M landing or Point loma sportfishing. Good boats to put you on fish are the Prowler, the Pacific Queen, the Endeavor, the legend watch the fish at least a day and a half trip.... 2 days is better if you got the funds The deck hands on those boats mentioned will make sure you hook one (if you have some basic knowledge and can cast a bait) ...... Good luck and enjoy your stay hope you get some good waves at trestles while your here!
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Aug 30, 2009
Imperial Beach,ca. usa
mark terry
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If the timing is right I'd be willing to show you around... I live in Imperial beach and fish the surf and jetty's daily.. I also have a 18' console and can do local offshore for WSB and YT .. or in the kelp for calicos .. shoot me an email to [email protected] and lets put some fish on ... Mark
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