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Story time,
So I skipped the opener this year because the tides looked like they would be ripping in strong (wasn't keen on losing gear). I fished the last three openers and always did decent but I mostly go to enjoy watching the chaos with all the other boaters. I will set my expectations low and my faith in humanity lower then spend the night laughing at all the hotheads and amateur hour antics. When I get too old to fish I will park my hover-round chair facing the shelter island boat launch the night of the opener each year. Quality entertainment.

Anywho I heard this opener was a shit show as usual with pea soup fog multiplier. Cool. I decided to take Thursday off to hoop and Friday to clean up and eat lobster. Tides4fishing atleast said that was a good idea.

Trip details,
Launched at around 4pm with my buddy and headed out to the area I usually hoop at by the entrance. Set 7 hoops at 30 feet deep and 3 at 10'. Bait was Bonito that my buddy caught on the Dolphin on a half day a few days ago. He had some of the new brand of what used to be called gooch juice so we used that too.

First set pulled was 6 legals and alot more shorts. Second set was 3 legals and more shorts. 3rd set was 1 legal... 4th set we stacked gear and called it a night. Just more shorts anyway.
2 legals were caught at the 10 foot deep area and the rest in the 30 foot area.

I want to say we got number 10 at around 8pm. Left the ramp at 9:30 or so. There was plenty of other people out for a Thursday night.

I can't think of anything else to add but good luck out there.

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    What else to add?
    Good wet fun!
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