San Clemente island 5/12



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Feb 3, 2006
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I have been stuck at home for weeks now with the wife and kids and needed to get out and test all the things I have fixed on the boat. Got some intel from a Bder. Thank you as you know who you are. Left HH @ 7am with my brother in law. Got bait at nachos or should I say from Mario. Cool guy however dines were just a day old 4-5 inches and not cured. Destination San Clemente island. Got there around 9:30 am East end pyramid area. Saw a skipjack Boat fishing for bottom fish but not here for that. Conditions started to get windy so decided to put out rapalas and troll back to the front side. 10 mins in the troll hook up to the biggest Bonita ever. 9lbs . Put back the trollers and continue to the front for nada. Fished hop from boiler rocks to boiler rocks for limit of calicos. By now it about noon and looking at the horizon back we could see squalls or rain coming down with white caps forming. As I was telling my bro let bail for home and started to dump our remaining bait we started to get boils everywhere. At first they were cookie cutter size bonies in the 3lb-5lb size. Then we started to hook something bigger that broke off. Long story short we ended with 5 yellows in 8lb - 12lb range. I’m sure there were bigger as we lost a bunch on 20lb. Test . After everything said and done it was around 1:30pm and 57 miles back to HH in the sloppy conditions. It was sloppy all the way to Catalina but laid done real nice between Catalina and home. In fact it was kinda eerie with fog and misty rain. Made it safely but dead tired. Boat ran great and ready for local tunas. Fish are there just go get um.
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Oct 23, 2018
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That bonie is almost bigger than the yellow! That's a prize right there!
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