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Feb 21, 2011
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'Lady Karen' 28 Duckworth Offshore
Not sure if anyone else Is interested in seeing fish pics anymore but thought I would try and revive the practice. We fished out of Westport on Thursday after sitting out last weeks crappy forecasts. The forecast did not look awesome but there was no way we were gonna miss out like we did on Sunday. The weather ended up as bad if not worse than forecast. We averaged 17 mph on the run out with conditions worsening the farther we got out. It looked like we were in a car wash but felt like a washing machine for the 2+ hour run. We were worried we would have problems staying down but backtrolling was not a problem. We started off with small lings but eventually got into the big girls. We ended up with the three biggest lings I have ever seen. We filled our ling limits with nice fish and focused on bait for Hali’s. We went through several 15lbers before finally keeping 5 20-35lbers. We released a lot of nice lings looking for Hali. We ran in at 3:30 and were able average 27 mph mostly going with the wind/waves. It was definitely a bumpy day but well worth the price of admission. New boat threads are fun to watch but I prefer fish pics, so post some fish porn. If your spot is particularly hot send me a pm with your cords.




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Sep 15, 2008
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2021 Allied WildCat 30
Jeebus. That guy makes T2ShortB look tall... hahahaha. Monsters for sure! Our lings were smaller yesterday than Sunday’s.

It was definitely a Maytag day, but very doable backtrolling a bit to keep a good line angle and drift.
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Nov 2, 2017
Covington, wa
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The Bert Makes ’em Squirt
It was rough yesterday? Hardly noticed. All I recall was eating a steady diet of seawater.

Nice work. It was only rough riding in 2 directions going out and heading back in but yeah the drift wasn't terrible although we had trouble locating the flat ties.

Those are some tanks you got there.
Jan 5, 2011
Kenmore WA
Kurt Kettel
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18' Tiderunner
Here's another angle of those two fish....I got the first & was so happy to be king of ling for the day. Steve comes off his cold stretch & lands one just as big...layem down & he beats me by 1/2"! Go figure. Amazing day & amazing Pacific ocean life! PS 50" from my nose to my knee, I weigh fish has ever made me look small!

Kurt Lings WP 5-13.jpg
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