Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

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    all those were really good maintenance tips but maybe (excuse me if some one said it already) you are forgetting that the best maintenance is "preventing maintenance".

    the best oil and grease job its to be done when you reel is brand new in the box and before the first trip to the water, just clean all the stock grease and oil and put some reel x, corrosion X, shimano grease or cals grease, "paint" with grease and a small painting pencil ( to put a small coat of grease) on the internal walls of the reel, side covers and exteral side of the spool, as well as all the moving parts of the interior (springs, etc, etc).
    that will helps a LOT when the salt water get inside the guts of the reel, as now all the internal parts and the sides are covered by grease (almost nothing) the water will not find a way to stick there and will find its way out.

    this work wonders on all the medium and high end aluminium reels, my caltutta 400te, my lexa 300, trinidad 16, even the good old penn 320ti havent had a problem of corrosion on the interior guts, the exterior maintenance is easier and all you guys just put all that is needed to know.

    you dont have to be a guru maintenance guys to do it, it you want just take both side covers of the reel and "paint" everything that its metal (steel, iron or alloy) but be shy on the grease, almost like a "first hand of paint", cals grease and shimano grease are really sticky and stay where you put it, never runs and salt water dont make it milky, you can also use blue syntetich marine grease but I prefer the first two.

    another thing to keep the bearing in good shape is to know which ones are related to the spool and which are gear, handle, etc bearing, cuz I follow the Alan Tani tip of pack with plenty grease any NO-Spool related bearing, water will never get into the beating if its packed with grease and you dont case how fast the handle bearing rolls, right?
    on the spool bearings and side cover bearings that support the spool axle just put some drops of corrosion x and thats it.

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