Salmon mooching rig?


Jul 30, 2019
San Clemente
I am going to be up north next week and saw a salmon trip out of moss landing for salmon mooching. I saw an online article that said 25 pound mono on a 8 to 9 foot rod. It also said don’t use braid. Is that pretty much it? I have a couple of grafighter rods (800L and 800ML), I have Toriums with braid and I have a few old narrow jigmasters that I can spool up with straight mono if I had too. I called the landing for their take, but they didn’t answer so I left a message.

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+1 on all mono for salmon, 25lb is fine. Use a rod with flexible tip, when mooching salmon usually strike from below & you will see rod tip lifting up. Reel in to keep tension and allow hookset, do not jerk the rod.
Depending on conditions & how you are rigging an assortment of weights i usually use between 1oz and 6oz
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Mar 9, 2016
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15-20lb mono is more than fine. I used a calcutta 300te and it worked great. 800L or XL will work good too. Get some floro, barbless hooks, small swivels. They're salmon, they don't fight all crazy but they do lunge and head shake so keep your drag loose and a rod with a soft tip helps.
most important thing is listen to the skipper when he says how deep the fish are. Count pulls to get there and stick with it


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Jan 10, 2010
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Mono better than braid because of the stretch factor; gives you a cushion when fighting a salmon with barbless hooks. If you have a reel loaded with braid that you like, just put a 50' mono topshot on it.

I like 25-30# mono, gives you a buffer if lines cross (inevitably, they will). Reduces unnecessary gear and fish loss.
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    Cattle boating I would stick with 25# mono for at least the 1st 50' if not 100'. Banana weights with the bead chain towards the hook are the gold standard. Have at least 1 each 1 and 1-1/2oz, 2 each of 2-4oz, and 1 6oz. You want to go as lite as you can and still stay straight up and down. 4-5' of 20# Flouro. I'm sure the hook regs have changed since I was last out there(they do every year or 2) so you'll have to ask/read for that.
    Pay attention to the Capt. and deckies. They know what's up. The comment above about counting pulls is spot on. Get down to about 10' above them as quick as you can, then slowly let it down thru them until you think you have gone past them 5' or so then, back up Slowly. Figure a good school is 15-20' thick.
    Start lite and shallow generally and progressively change weights heavier as the sun gets higher and the fish go deeper.
    When you hook up, slowly wind them in with a good bend in the rod. Jerkiness and/or slacking up lets them off the BARBLESS hooks.
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