Sailfish Catch and Release Go-Pro - Barra De Navidad


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Jul 22, 2008
We enjoyed a nice day fishing with friends in our panga off of Barra early this week. There is nothing like catching and releasing a billfish from your own boat. It can be done safely and effectively from even the smallest of boats. The video link below is to my first go around with the Go Pro Camera!

A related subject that comes up often on BD, If you charter a boat and want to release some or all of your catch let your captain know ahead of time that this is what you want and that his tip will depend on it. If the fish is hooked in the mouth, most times it will will live if released properly. Great photos can be taken without lifting the fish from the water (which will injure the fish).
You can always change your mind when the fish is boatside if you don't think the fish will survive the release (gut hook, DOA, etc.). My experience in Mex is that typical statements from the captain that the fish will be used to feed his family or "the village" are typically white lies as the meat usually ends up at the fish market. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, do everyone a favor and give the captain a generous cash tip for putting you on the fish and releasing billfish that have a shot at making it and living to fight another day.

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I've posted enough I should edit this section
Dec 18, 2011
Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico
Nice shots. Agree with everything about billfish catch and release. What scares most people at first is bill handling a fish, but once you get the confidence to do that - and learn where to hold them as not to break the tip of the bill holding them too far from the mouth nor get your hand chomped on by holding them too close to the mouth - it becomes real easy to keep them in the water, safely control them, dehook them, and release them without even needing to swim them because they've been swimming the whole time. Now real "green" sails can be a handful, but better by the side of the boat than inside your boat. A guy I had out a few weeks back who brought in one real green asked if I was beating its head against the side of the boat to calm it down - I said "I'm just holding on, it's the one beating its head against the boat". Marlin I have little trouble with boatside because they don't come boatside til they're well and truly done whereas anything more than 30 lb gear tends to overpower a sail pretty quick if you put it to them.

I'm playing around with GoPro's a lot recently, but discovered after swimming with a whale shark a few weeks back and tragically getting disappointing video footage of it all that the normal housings aren't much good for underwater video so I just ordered the flat port dive housing to get tack sharp u/w footage.

Love them Honda 90's too, the 1997 pair on my cat just never quit and must have over 3000 hours on them by now.
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Nov 20, 2005
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Great report and pics! Thanks for the release, good job. If you want to add to your billfish releases, join the Billfish Foundation and order their tags. Tag your billfish and send in the info. If your lucky someone will recover the tag and you receive the info on the recovery. I've had a couple recovered when I fished Florida. Great to know your fish survived and continues to give excitement to others. One guy even sent me a pic, which was way kool.