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Apr 25, 2003
Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
Cory Visser
After 4 weeks off the water dealing with my wife Sheryl’s health issues, Open Heart Surgery and a Stroke, I got a hall pass to go fishing for half a day. Yesterday, after fighting with Insurance for ten days I managed to get her in an Acute Stroke Therapy Facility, after 17 days in a Nursing facility with stroke therapy and after 9 days in the hospital. Her improvement in the last ten days has been exponential. Although she still cannot walk on her own without a walker and certainly has some brain wave issues from the damage, yet can talk coherently and remember most things. A blessing for sure, and I cannot thank all on this board, my church, family and friends for their prayer support which has proven to be so fantastic, making her recovery a reality!

We Launched the Rubber Ducky, Wed. 02-26-20 out of Davies in Long Beach at 6:05 am. The ramp had its usual winter traffic pattern, with four trailers in the parking lot, and no boats on the ramp or at the dock. It was a drop dead gorgeous day, with clear skies, and visibility incredible, as it felt like you could reach out and touch Catalina.

The water temps were 58.5 degrees in the harbor, eventually rising to 59.5 later in the day. The forecast was for 6-8 knots of wind in the morning and 5-6 in the afternoon, ha ha, lots of whitecaps at 1pm, typical idiot marine forecasters?

The ocean was calm as we headed to the 105, fishing in depths up to 140 feet. Our first few drifts resulted in some nice Calico Bass, on our usual 4inch clear red flake plastic, and1oz. Red lead head, courtesy of Kman.

These pic’s are ridiculous, as my camera lens cap did not fully open, sorry, but this is it for the day, as no other picture worthy fish were caught.


Quite simply it was a scratch day of bass fishing; we managed 25 Calico Bass to three pounds and 15 Sand Bass to two pounds. We also caught a dozen assorted Rockfish, including a nice Red, which was painful to release, along with all the Bass and Rockfish. Nothing kept.


We had numerous agonizing periods of 15-20 minutes with not a single bite, then experience flurries of five to six fish caught? Who knows, crazy biters.

We must of hit 30+ spots at the 105, Shoe and up at PV. The fish mostly had lockjaw, and all of our honey holes yielded virtually nothing. Lack of current the usual problem. Plenty of fish on the meter, yet they laughed at us.

We called it a day at 12:15 and on the trailer 1pm. This certainly beats a day of working, and hours sitting next to my wife in a hospital.

Hook up! Cory


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Apr 5, 2011
san diego
Fish Taco
Always appreciate your consistent reports Cory. I'm so glad to hear your wife is on the road to recovery. A friend of mine had a stroke and it took a little while but he regained all his mental abilities back. I have faith your wife will pull through this too.
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May 8, 2006
So cal
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It’s great that you could take a few hrs for your well being. Why do bad things happen to good people. All the best wishes to your wife’s full recovery.
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  • Apr 14, 2006
    Welcome back Cory! As always great report. Most importantly, prayers and thoughts for you and your wife. 🙏🙏
    For those that understand, fishing can be great therapy.
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