Rpt-Thur. 09-24-20 A decent Day of Bass'n!


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Apr 25, 2003
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Cory Visser
I am repeating myself, seems like forever since I went fishing last, almost been another month. It has been the strangest year I have ever experienced. Not sure about you and your family, but we would love to believe 2020 was just a nightmare and move on to 2021!

It is late September and I have caught only one Yellowtail, and no Tuna or Dorado! Yes I have chosen not to join a Sport Boat, way too risky for me, spending day and night with strangers. Yep, they could all be safe, but what if they are not? At age 73, it is way too big a risk and that is my choice, as well as my desire to protect my 70 year old wife of 50 years.

I pray for a vaccine as soon as possible, so we can all return to a more normal life, if that is possible in this crazy world right now, given all the turmoil, hate, evil and corruption?

So, we went fishing on the Rubber Ducky, Thursday, 09-24-20 out of Davies in Long Beach at 6:0 am. There were only a few boats on trailers in the lot, with a couple getting ready to launch.

Lal hit something on his last trip out last week and took two giant chunks out of his prop. Good thing he had a spare. Albeit it was also somewhat tweaked. We had expected some vibration, and slower speeds, however, we managed to average 24-25 knots with no vibration.

The weather was forecasted to be nice all day and it was, how strange? We began our trip looking for spots holding Fish Tacos. We caught a half dozen barely keepers for dinner in two hours. Lal somehow caught a few Calico Bass and Sand Bass in 170 to 220 feet of water, weird?

Realizing that deep water, hard bottom fishing, despite good meter readings was a lost cause, we moved on to the Shoe to try for some of our favorite fishing, mixed Bass. For two hours the fish were on the chew, and another strange fact was they did not want the plastics? We have both learned recently Jigs seem to be the preferred method of catching Mixed Bass, especially Calico Bass, which made up 90% of our catch today.

We made several ½ mile drifts through our favorite spots and caught and released some 60 Bass. Somebody turned off the switch at 11am. Current stopped and all the fish got lockjaw. Between 11am and 1 pm proceeding to many spots over ten miles, Lal and I caught one Bass each, despite incredible meter readings, who knew?

Loved the weather, and certainly a decent day of Bass’n!

My best Calico of the day, about 2.25 pounds. We usually don’t take a picture under three pounds. Lal also caught several this size.


This picture is of a prior trip not reported because of poor results.



Hook up! Cory
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Tuna Vic

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Mar 17, 2010
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Very nice,taco meat is always good,glad you got some fish to bite early,thanks!
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Hey! You got any frozen ice?
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    Glad you got to fish with your bud Lal.
    You are smart for staying safe.
    51!! Here we come!!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: 🤗🤗🤗🤗
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